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How to Measure For Your New Curtains;

In order to ensure the perfect fit of your curtains whether they are bespoke curtains, made to measure curtains or readymade curtains it is essential that the measurements you provide are exact.

The following guide carefully instructs you as to how to measure for your curtains.

There are two dimensions that are required in order to manufacture your curtains:

- Width
- Drop


First I will explain how to calculate the width measurement.

The width measurement should be the length of your pole or track. For poles this should not include finials.


If you are purchasing new poles then i suggest that you allow an additional 15cm either side of the edge of your window (your windows reveal).

When measuring your track measure the full length of the track, when measuring your pole measure the full length of the pole NOT including finials (decorative end pieces).

(For optimum accuracy it is advised where possible to use a steel tape due to the possibility of plastic tapes stretching through prolonged use)



The drop of your window is dependent upon your own personal preference, the setting of your window and the style of your curtains. However, I recommend one of the following drops:

Drop A:            1cm above your window sill.

Drop B:            15-20cm below your window sill.

Drop C:           2cm above your radiator.

Drop D:           1cm above your floor finish.



You should always measure at least 3 different positions across the width of your pole to ensure compensation for unlevel floor finishes of unlevel fitting of the pole itself. It is recommended that the shortest of these 3 measurements is used, this avoids curtains dragging on radiators, sills or the floor.




Always measure from the top of the track.


For Pencil Pleat and Pinch Pleat Headings always measure from the bottom of the underside of the pole ring, to allow the pole to be seen above the curtain.  However, when measuring for Tab Top or Eyelet Curtains the drop should be measured from the top of the pole (ignoring finials), exactly the same as the measurement would be taken for a track.

If you should require any further guidance please feel free to contact me.